Hollywood Staffers Dish on their Celebrity Bosses


As the saying goes, loose lips sink ships. Celebrities have to be so careful about which secrets get leaked to the press, and if there’s one person who knows everything there is to know about what happens behind closed doors in a celebrity household, it’s their home staff.

Kim’s Cleaner

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Kim’s Cleaner By how pristine their houses look on their Hulu series The Kardashians, you would think that Kim Kardashian was a neat freak. If you were to ask her housekeepers, they would have a different story to tell. I guess what we don’t see that’s not caught on camera are Kim’s private quarters like her bedroom, bathroom, and closet. One of her former housekeepers said Kim’s bedroom and bathroom were beyond filthy at all times. She has clothes everywhere, and she refuses to hang anything up herself. Another housekeeper also said that Kim requested brand new crisp and clean white silk sheets every single day for her and her family. Every single morning, her white sheets would be covered in makeup, and her sheets would be brown. She never washed her face, said the housekeeper. I guess this proves there is more than meets the eye.

Kourtney’s Staff

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Kourtney’s Staff Another Kardashian was deceived by her staff. Kourtney’s staff from her nannies to her housekeepers spilled all the tea. They revealed that Kourt is on the opposite side of the tidy spectrum than Kim and that Kourtney is a controlled and neat freak. Her nannies say that the Poosh founder was the most rude and unappreciative person in the family. So I spent two hours calling my team to like to check in and like see how everything was doing. They say she’s the worst to work for and that she micromanaged them and even told staff that she didn’t want them wearing any perfume. Another housekeeper was quoted saying, she was crazy. She was always looking for ways to save money, which was really annoying because of how rich they are. One time she called two different grocery stores to compare the price of a chicken. Who does that? It’s going to be professional because they’re all crossing major boundaries.

JLo’s Chauffeur


JLo’s Chauffeur Jennifer Lopez’s chauffeur got tired of taking Jennie around the block. He began chauffeuring Jennifer Lopez in 2005, before eventually being promoted in 2011 to Lopez’s staff full-time as her personal head of security and transportation, with the new title supposed to come to a higher wage. According to the chauffeur, his agreement with Lopez included a $72,000 yearly salary with additional production pay, potentially increasing his compensation to $200,000 yearly. However, the production pay never came and he went on to reveal that he dealt with intolerable labor conditions, such as working more than 40 hours a week and not being allowed to take proper meal periods, which forced him to resign. He filed a lawsuit against JLo for breach of contract and wrongful termination. Lopez filed a countersuit worth a whopping $20 million that eventually got dismissed in 2012.

JLo Flight Attendant4 1

JLo’s flight attendant Jennifer Lopez’s diva antics apparently extend to service workers who aren’t directly employed by her. Apparently, she doesn’t speak to salespeople, restaurant or hotel staff, or flight attendants. She only talks through her assistants. A United Airlines flight attendant backed up this claim, sharing an experience with Lopez.

Ariana’s Assistant

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Ariana’s assistant When Ariana Grande doesn’t want to walk, she gets carried, at least according to her former assistants. They say Ariana likes to be carried from the stage to her car after she’s finished rehearsals. While the singer has clapped back at this notion and stated that she has been carried because her feet were bleeding, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning, though. Grande decided to poke fun at the rumor when she appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. When the duo stopped for Starbucks, Grande hopped on Corden’s back and exclaimed to the barista.

Kristen’s Cleaner

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Kristen’s cleaner According to Kristen Stewart’s former housekeeper, she smokes like a chimney. Smoking is a terrible habit, but what’s even worse? The star has no boundaries for smoking in her own home. She’s accused of lighting one up whenever she wants and leaves her cigarette butts wherever it’s convenient.

JLo’s Former Staff


J-Lo’s former staff is Back at it again with J-Lo. According to former staff workers, J-Lo is cheap. So cheap that she gained the nickname, Halo. In fact, she pays her housekeepers far less than the standard rate but demands a high level of service that keeps her home looking spotless. Some of her former personal staff have come out and said the entertainer pays them half of what they’d receive with other employers. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were in Vegas in 2003. Affleck won big and tipped the dealer $2,000. Before he could collect the tip, J-Lo swapped it for $200. Jennifer’s explanation for low pay? Everyone should work hard for money, as she did.

Ryan’s Housekeepers

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Ryan’s Housekeepers Ryan Gosling’s housekeepers have reported some strange behavior from the star. According to his staff, the actor has a few quirks that are a bit childlike. First off, he’s been seen crawling up the stairs on all fours. Secondly, staff members claim that the actor doesn’t sleep normally. He reportedly prefers to sleep with his head at the foot of the bed, with his feet where the pillow would typically be located.

Miley’s Former Housekeepers


Miley’s Former Housekeepers According to some of Miley Cyrus’ former housekeepers, she certainly isn’t a model employer. And she apparently doesn’t mind dog poop. Beyond looking after her massive home, the housekeeper’s job is made more difficult by the pop star’s pets, most of which aren’t house-trained. According to some of Miley Cyrus’ former employees, the singer doesn’t believe in potty training her pets. A source went on to say that because of the lack of disobedience in training, Cyrus’ dogs had multiple accidents inside the house. According to reports, six dogs and a pig used her home as a toilet when she lived in an apartment. A housekeeper said it’s hard to believe how untidy her apartment is. Miley loves having six dogs or more, including a pig. It’s like a zoo. It got to a point where Miley’s mansion would begin to smell. With as much money as she makes, you’d think she would hire a dog trainer.

The Beckham’s Nanny


The Beckham’s Nanny In 2005, David and Victoria Beckham fired their nanny after she was quoted in a seven-page report of News World, claiming to have witnessed the couple fighting a lot. She was quoted saying, one night I woke and heard them arguing on the landing and heard David call Victoria a bad name. The nanny went on to say that Victoria had confided in her at one point by saying that the Spice Girl had started crying to her and asking her what to do. Back then, it was reported that the nanny had quit a month before the Beckhams sued her for breach of confidence. David Beckham clarified that he wasn’t leaving Victoria. He said in a publication, we are normal people, although people might not think that. Of course, we have arguments like everybody, but at the end of the day, I know that I love my wife.

Selena’s Personal Assistant

Selena Gomez attends the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., on January 10, 2023. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Selena’s Personal Assistant According to former housekeepers and staff, Selena Gomez is quite the slob. According to Selena’s personal assistant, she was always picking up after her. Gomez described her home as messy and having clothing and makeup thrown around for them to clean up. Her former assistant said Selena could trash a hotel room like none other. I’ve never thought someone could make such a mess out of a hotel room in less than 24 hours. Makeup stains and fast food wrappers are everywhere. It was pretty gross.

Angelina’s Housekeepers


Angelina’s Housekeepers Angelina Jolie usually looks like the picture-perfect mom when seen in photographs and magazines with her brood of six kids. But according to her former housekeepers, they say that her parenting skills aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Allegedly, when one of her children has a tantrum, Angelina doesn’t know how to deal. She’s been accused of staring quietly at her crying children or even laughing at their mouths downs. Other nannies and housekeepers have accused her of letting the kids run the house, with them accusing her house of typically having pizza boxes and other junk food littering the floor and crayons and toothpaste on the walls.

Taylor’s Staff


Taylor’s Staff Taylor Swift’s staff have accused her of being a crazy cat lady. Her staff has said that Taylor has cat memorabilia all around her home and that they have to dust and clean all of it. The singer also owns several cats of her own, and according to the staff, they have to deal with all of the cat hairs that make their way into food, fabrics, and sometimes even their own houses. They also say that Taylor not only feeds her cats, but she feeds the neighborhood strays as well.

Reese’s Staff


Reese’s Staff If you were to work as a celebrity housekeeper, Reese Witherspoon is apparently the employer to have. Unlike the other celebrities, we’ve covered that are sloppy, ungrateful, demanding, or have weird quirks, Reese makes all of her housekeepers and staff feel loved and appreciated. She is said to shower her employees with gifts. One lucky housekeeper even got to take home some of Reese’s old clothes, a haul that was worth almost $200,000! Did any of these revelations about a celebrity surprise you, or were they exactly as you believed they would be.

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